Modelos para o problema de roteamento de veículos com restrições de empacotamento bidimensional

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


Three different integer linear programming models for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Two-dimensional Loading Constraints are developed in this work. The version of the problem studied considers that the unloading of the rectangular items can respect or not the sequence of the clients visited on the route, that is, we solve the sequential and unrestricted versions of the problem. The first model deals with the problem completely, that is, with all constraints inserted at once. The second and third models are based, respectively, on a three- and two-index formulation. Separation routines are considered to detect violated inequalities related with packing on the second and third models, while the third model also considers cuts on connectivity and capacity. Computational experiments were carried out over instances of the literature with the quantity of customers ranging from 15 to 36 and items from 15 to 114, besides to consider the cases in which the cost of traversing an edge is integer and real. The models with cuts on demand were better in relation to the first model, besides being competitive when comparing with the results fromthe literature. The first model solved 4 of the 80 instances, the three-index model solved 7 and, the two-index model solved 53. On the sequential version, the adopted model solved 33 instances for the case with integer costs (and 37 for the case with real costs). In comparing with a recent heuristic from the literature, the best model was capable of tying in 48 instances in the unrestricted version and 24 in the sequential version.



Problema integrado, Problema de roteamento de veículos, Problema de empacotamento ortogonal bidimensional, Programação linear inteira, Planos de corte, Integrated problem, Vehicle routing problem, Two-dimensional orthogonal packing problem, Integer linear programmig


SILVA, Lorrany Cristina da. Modelos para o problema de roteamento de veículos com restrições de empacotamento bidimensional. 2017. 89 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Modelagem e Otimização) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2017.