O erotismo desentranhado da voz feminina: a transgressão do silêncio em muito prazer e o prazer é todo meu

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The struggle of women for an egalitarian space in society is constant. The standards and norms by which we are governed still determine the behavior and position of women in the environment in which they operate and consequently contribute to the resistance of prejudice. In the literature, the situation is no different, especially if we are dealing with themes that until today are considered as male subjects. Eroticism is a theme that still involves many taboos and uncertainties, generating a prejudgment around the texts that surround it. The difficulties encountered in approaching erotic texts become greater when women produce these. It was in the perception of the scarcity of publication and dissemination of erotic texts of female authorship that arose the interest in studying the anthologies organized by Marcia Denser: Pleasure (1980) and Pleasure is all mine (1984) that bring together erotic tales of renowned authors and who wrote in a socio-cultural context marked by patriarchalism. In the anthologies, we find the eroticism represented by different perspectives, pointing to the multiplicity of possibilities in the approach of the erotic produced and represented by women. We have women, who through the erotic literature of female authorship, gained voice and began to contest the place of women in the "world" and "bed". This research analyzes tales of these collections and establishes an intertextual dialogue between the works and their immediate historical and social context. The theoretical foundation will be based on the conceptions of: Guacira Louro (1997), Georges Bataille (1987), Michel Foucault (1994), and Octávio Paz (1994) among others.



Mulher, Erotismo, Patriarcalismo, Woman, Eroticism, Patriarchy


SOARES, Michelle Gomes. O erotismo desentranhado da voz feminina: a transgressão do silêncio em muito prazer e o prazer é todo meu. 2019. 41 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Estudos da Linguagem) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2019.