Uma visão da educação ambiental nos projetos de iniciação à docência e na formação de professores

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


Currently, many discussions are carried out on the way in which Environmental Education has been approached in school and in school Chemistry and if the teachers are prepared to deal with this theme. Thus, this work proposes to map the sub-project Pibid/Chemistry of the Midwest region, to investigate if they provide and perform actions with environmental dimension and if these have contributed for the formation of environmental educator‟s formation. For this we used qualitative research methodology under the focus of the case study. The data collection was performed by means of the reading of some sub-projects Pibid/Chemistry of the Midwest region and through online questionnaires applied to teachers coordinators and supervisors who participate in the program. For the treatment of the data was used Textual and Discursive Analyze that gave rise to four categories: Actions developed and conceptions of Environmental Education, Environmental Education and relationship with Chemistry education, Didactic strategies of sub projects Pibid/Chemistry of the Midwest region and Contributions of Pibid for initial and continuing education of environmental educators. By the results we realized that even exist several sub-projects Pibid/Chemistry in the Midwest region, there are prevising and development of few actions with environmental dimension. Although the teachers recognize the possibility of contextualization and the interdisciplinary work through the use of environmental themes, the actions described are simple and punctual indicating that there are difficulties in working with the environmental dimension under a critical aspect that would make possible students formation for exercise of citizenship. However, by the reports of the few teachers who work with the environmental dimension is there evidence of the contribution of Pibid for education of environmental educators by the possibility of reflection on the teaching practice. Thus, it is believed that if more sub-projects work with the environmental dimension and were created spaces for reflection of these actions involving coordinators and supervisors teachers, and student of initiation to teaching this program can contribute to the formation of those involved and for the realization of Environmental Education at school and in the discipline of Chemistry.



Educação ambiental, Formação docente, Pibid/química, Environmental education, Teacher training, Pibid/chemistry


SANTOS, Dayane Graciele dos. Uma visão da educação ambiental nos projetos de iniciação à docência e na formação de professores. 2013. 101 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Química) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2013.