Produção Familiar e Territorialidades: os desafios dos produtores rurais da Comunidade Taquaral em Orizona (GO)

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The process of modernization in Brazilian agriculture has caused profound changes in production and organization of geographic space, resulting in the formation of new (re) sociospatial arrangements, changes in social relations and work in rural universe itself. In the present study proposes to examine the dynamics of modernization of agriculture, with emphasis on changes from the 1980s, with the modernization of agriculture inserted into Orizona (GO), to analyze production and rural household strategies of small producers for continuity in the face of it. The study of this issue was the interest in ascertaining how the modernization process is initiated in the field and what were the main changes generated by this process, as well as highlighting the rural community under study, Taquaral managed to stay in their small properties. The relevance of this study focuses on the concern in discussing the profound transformations for which the municipality of Orizona (GO), has been undergoing in recent years as a result of the modernization of agriculture, especially in the community in focus. The survey was conducted by reviewing the literature pertinent to the subject, survey, organization, analysis and representation of data and information from primary and secondary sources and also through empirical research, with interviews conducted during the fieldwork. Importantly, despite this process, there remain a small-scale, structured in family work, seeking strategies to survive each day. The field research showed that the community is Taquaral uses some strategies for staying on their properties such as household production, dairy farming, religion, culture and traditions.



Modernização da agricultura, Agricultura familiar, Comunidades rurais, Orizona (GO), Taquaral., Modernization of agriculture, Family farming, Rural communities, Orizona (GO), Taquaral., 1. Modernização-agricultura 2. Agricultura-familiar 3. Comunidades rurais-Orizona (GO)


LEMES, Kátia da Costa. Family Farm and Territorial: the challenges of farmers in the community Taquaral Orizona (GO). 2010. 154 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Ciências Humanas) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2010.