Mulheres na agricultura familiar: terra, trabalho e família na comunidade ribeirão no município de Catalão (GO)

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The modernization of agriculture around the 1970s, mainly in the state of Goias, reaches the big landowners. In this sense, farmers use several strategies to live and keep on the countryside. This terminology adopted for our work is characterized by rural production units, structured in family work, which are identified by the relationship between land, labor and family. Man has the provider function; “head of household”, while woman is reserved to the private and domestic sphere, and even performing activities on the production sphere , these are considered as “help”. It has constant been the adoption of different social and economic strategies by family rural production units, which has enabled women in contribution to the permanence of families in the countryside. The patriarchal culture, that is inserted both in the way of thinking of men and women, contributes to the view that the woman workplace is on the domestic sphere, linked to care with family and home, characterizing work in production as complementary. This research aims to understanding the main characteristics of family farming and analyze the woman participation in Ribeirao community in the Catalan municipality, (GO).Throughout the research were characterized men and women work. For qualitative analysis, were used data tabulations through forms with 18 farmers (the) family in field research. In addition, statistical and census data in (IBGE – Catalan Agency) Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics and(SEGPLAN) Secretary of State for Management and Planning Goias, were important in intuition to meet the economic and social realities of the municipality. From the (SIAB) Primary Care Information System linked to Municipal Catalan Health we collect data and information related to the community being studied as population characteristics. This system is developed from the data or information (PACS) Community Health Agents Program. On the women's work consider that out is the space of the man who produces the food it out to the market. In addition to the gender hierarchy related to the spaces , the spaces related to work. For the sexual division of labor in agriculture shows that women occupy a subordinate position and their work is seen to help, even when they work as much as men and even performing the same activities.



Agricultura familiar, Mulheres, Hierarquia, Estratégias familiares, Comunidade Ribeirão, Family farmers, Women, Hierarchy, Family strategies, Ribeirão community


SILVA, Gabriela Bernardes. Mulheres na agricultura familiar: terra, trabalho e família na comunidade ribeirão no município de Catalão (GO). 2016.120 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Geografia) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2016.