A cidade de Catalão em Um homem e sua família, de Braz José Coelho: tempo e espaço, experiências e memórias, paisagem e cultura urbanos

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


This work aimed to study the literary work of Braz José Coelho, Um homem e sua família (1997), in order to apprehend his figurations regarding time, space, places of experience, memories, landscapes and sensitivities. sociability, linked to the cultural practices of the city of Catalão (GO). Therefore, in an interdisciplinary bias between History, Geography and Letters (Linguistics and Literature), we sought to conduct a dialogue between the work of Coelho and the theoretical references relevant to the dimensions mentioned above. Thus, it was intended to treat the time in the historical process of constitution of Catalão taking into account temporalities as the time oforigin, the time of formation and the development of the place, as well as its configuration in the period of 1950, period in which the narrative. We also pay attention to the mentions of spaces, landscapes, experiences and human and social practices of the city that are described by the author in the narrative associated with these aspects, especially referring to the first two temporalities. Thus, we seek to show some different aspects of human activity and experiences lived in such time- spaces and spaces, which metamorphose the landscape. It is through the analysis of the traces of human existence in the past figured by the literate in this urban space that we can understand a little about how the dimensions may have been experienced in the time of the characters and probably in the time of the author. Through the research it was possible to verify that the work gives us to know part of the history of Catalão, because it allows to glimpse landscapes, social and cultural characteristics, as well as the sociability practices and the sensibilities that emerge from and in the social relations established in the period described in the narrative. Finally, as part of this dissertation and thinking about the objectives of the professional master's program, we present a didactic product focused on the application of the researched content in Elementary School II and High School, in order to emphasize the importance and potentiality of this program. type of source for social knowledge, besides contributing to educational practices with the production of pedagogical and scientific materials that value the importance of interdisciplinary work and local or regional issues.



Literatura e história, Cidade, Tempo, Espaço, Memória, Sociabilidades, Sensibilidades, Braz José Coelho, Um homem e sua família, Literature and history, City, Time, Space, Memory, Socialities, Sensitivities, Braz José Coelho, Um homem e sua família


TOMÉ, L. F. A cidade de Catalão em Um homem e sua família, de Braz José Coelho: tempo e espaço, experiências e memórias, paisagem e cultura urbanos. 2019. 200 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em História) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2019.