Aspectos que delineiam a identidade docente de oito professores de inglês: um estudo com base no sistema de avaliatividade

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The main theme of this research is the teaching identity. It is a study that seeks to understand the identity aspects of eight English teachers of the public education of the state of Goiás in Goiânia. It has as theoretical support the cultural theories of identity with the Systemic-Functional Linguistics discourse analysis of, consolidated with the Appraisal System, specifically, its sub-system of Attitude. It is important to note that Systemic-Functional Linguistics considers that it is not possible to do discourse analysis without considering the context of culture and context of situation. These contexts were essential for understanding teachers' identities. Thus in the analysis both theories were used. The Arguments that justify a choice for the profession and evaluations about teacher’s performance in classroom composed the textual corpora, which were generated through semi-structured and transcribed interviews. The discourse analysis of each teacher's speech was based on these interviews. The analysis effort was carried out to search, identify and understand significative aspects, constitutive of the identities of the teachers when uttering their speeches about a choice of the profession and their teaching activities. After the discourse analysis of each participant, it was verified that it had in common in order to understand if the researched teachers shared some identity aspect among the shared ones, it was verified that they evaluate themselves to teach, but that this process is not materialized by factors that are beyond their controls, leaving them uncomfortable with the students' non-learning. From this incongruity between being prepared to teach and not achieved, signing, the participants' identities were interpreted. The result showed that the identity aspects of these teachers are in accordance with the current configuration of society, that is, it is an off-center, fragmented, contradictory identity.



Identidade docente, Professor de inglês, Linguística sistêmico-funcional, Avaliatividade, Atitude, Teaching identity, English teacher, Systemic-functional linguistics, Appraisal, Attitude


SOUSA, Hilda Braz Silva. Aspectos que delineiam a identidade docente de oito professores de inglês: um estudo com base no sistema de avaliatividade. 2017. 193 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Estudos da Linguagem) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2017.