Conjugação das técnicas de coagulação química (Moringa oleífera) e eletroquímica (DDB) no tratamento de efluente real de indústria de tintas

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


Treatment of a real paint industry wastewater using a natural chemical coagulant based on Moringa oleifera (MO) seeds associated with Ca 2+ salts (nitrate or chloride) in order to potentiate its coagulating effect. This method of treatment was combined with the electrochemical technique from the use of a boron doped diamond electrode in a flow reactor. The main purpose of the treatments investigated was to evaluate the possibility of reuse of treated water in the production of a new paint. The treatment of the residue was evaluated by its turbidity, DFZ (color), total solids content, chemical oxygen demand (COD), biotoxicity and microbiological tests. The optimum conditions for coagulation were obtained at pH 6.5 and with coagulant dosage (50 g/L of MO) of 80 mL for each 1.0 L of residue (80 mL/L). The optimum concentration of Ca 2+ incorporated into the coagulant was 0.125 mol/L. The viability of the treatment, evidenced by the reuse of the treated water for the production of a new paint (made by the company supplying the waste), showed compatible quality with the water used by the company (tap water) only when the treatment was carried out using MO aqueous extract in association with Ca(NO 3 ) 2 salt. For the electrochemical treatment, the limit current density of (35 mA/cm 2 ) and an electrolysis time of 90 min were used. Bio-toxicity assays (A. Salina) showed that the mortality of micro crustaceans was reduced from 100% (raw effluent) to only 11% and that 85% of the effluent organic load was eliminated at the end of the electrolysis process. In addition, microbiological assays showed that the amount of mesophiles decreased by more than six orders of magnitude and no thermotolerant coliform colony was formed.



Moringa oleífera, Reuso da água, Coagulante natural, Tratamento eletroquímico, Eletrodo de diamante, Qualidade de água, Moringa oleifera, Water reuse, Natural coagulant, Electrochemical treatment, Diamond electrode, Water quality


BARBOSA, A. D. Conjugação das técnicas de coagulação química (Moringa oleífera) e eletroquímica (DDB) no tratamento de efluente real de indústria de tintas. 2018. 66 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Química) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2018.