Sujeito e autoria no discurso jornalístico de O Popular sobre as congadas

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


This piece of work has its purpose on analyzing the authorship marks and the several discursive voices present in utterances about the “congada” – a religious celebration with African roots that happens in honour of “Nossa Senhora do Rosário”, which takes place in Catalão, Goiás. Therefore, the research has as corpus seven (7) articles which were published between the years of 2010 and 2014 about the “congadas” by O Popular newspaper; and the preface “Eu e a congada”, present in the book “Congada de Catalão”, all written by the journalist Robson Macedo. This research has a bibliographic and analytical nature, and makes use of comparison between journalistic articles to comprehend which discourses constitutes the corpus and how the subject positions itself and leaves hints of its authorship in the selected material. To do the analysis, the following theoretical contribution was chosen: studies on Bakhtin Circle’s language (BAKHTIN, 2009, 2011; MEDVIÉDEV, 2012; VOLOCHÍNOV, 2013; VOLÓCHINOV, 2017) and other theorists of the discourse and journalism fields. Furthermore, the dialogical perspective inspired by Bakhtin (AMORIM, 2001) and Rodrigues (2011) proposal of genre analysis based on its verbo-visual and social dimensions were used as methodology for the study of the authorship and the subject. Therefore, it was possible to find different genres and styles, thematic regularities that put in evidence the author’s positionings and dialogical interactions with different discourses. It is also concluded that the authorship mark is presented in the way the author gives an esthetic finishing to the journalistic text and mediates the ideological positioning of the editorial principles of O Popular newspaper, its own discourse as an authority able to speak by the tradition of the “congadas” and also the voices of the different groups that integrate the festivities, such as “congadeiros”, festival hosts, salespeople and the public attending the celebration. As for the subject, it’s possible to see hints of its presence shown through their autonomy to transgress the informative genre and position itself ideologically about themes like faith and tradition. Therefore, this work can contribute to the consolidation of the Bakhtin Circle’s dialogical perspective, besides stimulating other researches on the functioning of the journalistic sphere and its processes, languages and ideological positionings.



Círculo de Bakhtin, Autoria, Sujeito, Discurso jornalístico, Congadas, Bakhtin circle, Authorship, Subject, Journalistic discourse


SANTOS, Giovanna Diniz dos. Sujeito e autoria no discurso jornalístico de O Popular sobre as congadas. 2019. 111 F. Dissertação (Mestrado em Estudos da Linguagem) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2019.