Apropriação e conflitos pela água: dinâmicas socioespaciais a partir da bacia do rio Bezerra no município de Arraias – TO

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The research was developed in the Graduate Program (StrictoSensu) in Geography ofthe Federal University of Goiás – Regional of Catalão (Goiás) and had as a goal to identify, comprehend and qualify the due conflicts of the appropriation and use of water in the municipality of Arraias (state of Tocantins), from the basin of the Bezerra river. The research was mostly made using the qualitative methodology, although in some phases quantitative methodology had been used to measure the rainfall index during the time scope of the research. In this research, we looked for identifying the causes that take to the lack of water in Arraias and the beginning of the expansion of conflicts for water between the mining company and the people reached by the enterprise, as socio-environmental conflicts. As the area of study, we Selected the basin of the Bezerra River Where is the mining company Itafós Mineração Ltda. Bezerra river borns in Arrais and runs from east to west, draining into the river Paranã next to a region known as “Vão do Moleque” in the municipalities of Monte Alegre de Goiás/Cavalcante/Arraias. After 20 kilometers of its source pass to bound the political borders of the states of Goiás and Tocantins, its condition until its mouth. Since its source, the socio-environmental conditions are aggravated by the disorderly occupation of the soil with deforestation and building of dams. The maxim point of this degradation are the dams of rejects and supplies, built in 2011 by Itafós MineraçãoLtda. These dams changed considerably the dynamics of the river which passed to show signs of intermittency in the followed years, as found during the research. Deforestation, the building of reservoirs and artesian wells in the rural properties through its course are added to mining activity. Therefore, we realize the fight for the territory seen in the Communities reached by the mining since 2010. The families were kicked out of their homes and displaced to settlement areas and or urban centers of the region, in other words, Arraias and Campos Belos. This amount of problems puts the basin of the Bezerra river, mainly in its superior portion, as a territory in dispute, which the agriwaterbusiness and mining occupy spaces and peasants are expelled of their locals of origin to give place to capitalist enterprises, like Mining. The analysis and impressions in this research are results of the accompaniment of this reality along the population in several incursions through the territory in different periods and, in all of them we have verified water and deterritorialization were the main concern of the local inhabitants. The certainty came with the conclusion of the research!



Apropriação da água, Mineração, Territórios em disputa, Rio Bezerra, Arraias (TO), Appropriation of water, Mining, Territories in dispute, Bezerra river, Arraias (TO)


PEREIRA FILHO, P. Apropriação e conflitos pela água: dinâmicas socioespaciais a partir da bacia do rio Bezerra no município de Arraias – TO. 2018. 123 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Geografia) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2019.