(Con)figurações do feminino na ficção de Augusta Faro: corpo, erotismo e sexualidade

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


This research evidences the representation of the woman, focusing on the themes of body, eroticism and female sexuality in the short stories: "A Gaiola", "A Ceia de Aninha" and "As Sereias" in the book A Friagem (1998) and the short stories “O Homem de Ouro Puro”,"Os pecados de Rosário "and "Gertrudes e seu Homem ", in the book “Boca Benta de Paixão (2007), by Augusta Faro Fleury de Melo, known as Augusta Faro. Considering the outline of the protagonists, it was intended to unveil how fictional women react to the oppression arising from the stigma of tradition imposed by patriarchal society. It was also intended to examine the core of this universe, seeking to understand, through questioning, the attitudes of the characters in relation to their bodies, their sexuality and eroticism. Because it is a theoretical, descriptive and analytical study, the methodology used was the literature review. To enrich this work, an interview with the author mentioned above was carried out. This work initially presents a brief contextualization of the feminist movement in Brazil and in the state of Goiás in order to, through this view, approach the feminine authorship and the intercrossing with the Gender Studies. Next, it deals specifically with the female body and the symbolic violence, which sometimes, in an aggressive and imperceptible way, imprints scars on the body and soul of these women, and finally reflects on how eroticism and female sexuality are discussed and investigated in the fiction of the mentioned author. To carry out this work, some theorical authors were consulted as Ria Lemaire (1994), Judith Butler (2003), Constância Lima Duarte 1994), besides of Michel Foucault (2015), Elisabeth Grosz (2000), Elodia Xavier (2007), Octavio Paz (2007) and Georges Bataille (1987), among others. In the conclusion of what was analyzed, it was found that women writers still find obstacles to publicize their works efficiently and that the female representation, from the perspective of a woman, it is one of the starting point necessary to provoke the profound cultural change that society needs in order to have, among people, a coexistence constituted in mutual respect and stripped of any prejudices. In the short stories, the protagonists can be grouped into two categories according to the criteria submission / transgression. There are those that are able to impose themselves before the other, namely the masculine and the patriarchal society, and those that bow before the sexist rules, losing physical and mental health.



Representação feminina, Corpo, Erotismo, Sexualidade, Female representation, Body, Sexuality, Eroticism


MENEGASSI, N. S. M. (Con)figurações do feminino na ficção de Augusta Faro: corpo, erotismo e sexualidade. 2017. 112 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Estudos da Linguagem) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2017.