“Loucura, insensatez, estado inevitável”: discurso, humor e ironia em Mamonas Assassinas

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


Humor is a resource exploited by many subjects to materialize / reproduce different discourses. The band Mamonas Assassinas has in its compositions a place populated by discourses that abuse of irony and debauchery, and at the same time manage to illustrate critics to the modernity of the globalized life. So much so that, twenty years after the end of the band, its utterances continue to produce current sense effects. In "Madness, Nonsense, Inevitable State": discourse, humor and irony in Mamonas Assassinas, we aim to analyze the discourses and the positioning of the discursive subject present in the utterance reproduced by the band Mamonas Assassinas. The corpus of analysis was materialized in fourteen lyrics composed by the group, and the description /interpretation of these statements follows the perspective of the French Discourse Analysis, supported mainly by the studies of Michel Foucault and Mikhail Bakhtin. The theoretical support that bases the research comes mainly from the archegenealogical studies of Foucault, with regard to conceptions of enunciation, discursive subject and devices of power / knowledge. In order to understand how humor is configured in the reproduction of these statements, we rely mainly on Bakhtin’s study of Rabelais, also illustrating the concept of carnivalization. At the look of the band's constitution as a discursive subject, we searched for articles published in newspapers and magazines between 1995 and 1996 that approached the performance of the group, corroborating the positions that these statements made possible. The selected vehicles O Globo newspaper and Revista Veja magazine, because they are mechanisms of great circulation. In the analysis section, the statements of music lyrics are arranged in enunciative series that follow the regularities: social critic discourse, criticism discourse to consumerism, and resistance to sexuality power /knowledge device. The analysis transits into a dialogue between Foucault and Bakhtin's studies. Starting from these statements, we observe the discursive positioning of a determiner subject, who as resists the exercise of a power, as subscribes to it. However, this positioning always takes place through an ironic humor, demonstrating how this resource is fundamental for the reproduction of the discourses in question.



Análise do discurso, Humor, Ironia, Mamonas Assassinas, Discourse analysis, Humor, Irony, Mamonas Assassinas


LIMA, M. D. N. “Loucura, insensatez, estado inevitável”: discurso, humor e ironia em Mamonas Assassinas. 2018. 80 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Estudos da Linguagem) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2018.