Avaliação numérica e computacional do efeito de incertezas inerentes a sistemas mecânicos

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


Most of the time, modern problems of engineering are nonlinear and, may also be subject to certain types of uncertainty that can directly influence in the answers of a particular system. In this sense, the stochastic methods have been thoroughly studied in order to get the best settings for a given project. Out of the stochastic techniques, the Method of Monte Carlo stands out and, especially the Latin Hypercube Sampling (LHS) which is a simpler version of the same. For this type of modeling, the Stochastic Finite Elements Method (SFEM) is becoming more frequently used, given that, an important tool for the discretization of stochastic fields can be given by the Karhunèn-Loève (KL) expansion. In this work, the following three case studies will be used: A discrete system of 2 g.d.l., a continuous system of a coupled beam type both in linear and nonlinear springs and a rotor consisting of axis, bearings and disks. In this sense, the influence of uncertainties in the systems studied will be checked, using for this, the LHS, SFEM and the KL expansion. The stochastic study in question will be used in the construction of the great project for the rotor problem already presented.



Incertezas, Método hipercubo latino, Sistema dinâmico, Otimização robusta., Uncertainty, Latin hypercube method, Dynamic system, Robust optimization


COSTA, T. N. Avaliação numérica e computacional do efeito de incertezas inerentes a sistemas mecânicos. 2016. 120 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Modelagem e Otimização) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2016.