Entre a liberdade e a opressão: as charges na representação do sujeito mulher na busca pela igualdade de direitos

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


This study objective, based on the presupposition that basis French Discourse Analysis (hereinafter AD) and in the studies of Michel Foucault, to discuss how the female subject is represented in the cartoons that have as a theme the woman conquering her rights. In order to do so, we set out as specific objectives to analyze how the relations of power observed in the cartoon discourse subjectivity this female subject who struggles to conquer their rights and show how the discourse that emerges in these cartoons enables this construction of subjectivity. The cartoons served as discursive materialism of statements that spread machismo in society, considering the historical moment in which they emerge and how the relationship between history and memory makes these discourses about women reverberate and deal about the struggle of women. In order to do so, this dissertation aims to analyze discourses that deal with the masculinization of the female subject, the inversion of masculine and feminine roles and the inferiority of this same subject from a macho discourse, since, in spite of the fact that the cartoons selected as corpus of this research of very different historical moments, it is possible to note statements that go back to this historicity so different and that disseminate forcefully, and with that, to write, to analyze, and to investigate these discourses that, in addition to many current social factors, are still being used and taken as true discourses. Thereby, this study becomes very important as a contribution to the studies of language and the possibility of reflection concerning the constitution of the female discursive subject. Therefore, the cartoon, with its immediate critical-humoristic character, makes it possible, in the light of the French AD, to observe both the conditions of possibility of discourses that present a macho discourse about the female subject, and how the relations of power affect these bodies, objectifying them and constituting them, there are undoubtedly several social discourses that act in the practice of a disciplinary power and in the operationalization of a device of sexuality that permeates the female subject, applying to this subject, its rules and laws.



Discurso, Charge, Sujeito, Mulher, Discourse, Cartoons, Subject, Woman


SANTANA, Sarah Carime Braga. Entre a liberdade e a opressão: as charges na representação do sujeito mulher na busca pela igualdade de direitos. 2019. 101 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Estudos da Linguagem) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2019.