Avaliação físico-química da qualidade da água pluvial em Catalão (GO)

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


Through the population and industrial growth observed in the last decades, there is a need to seek alternative sources to solve the air pollution problems that constantly occur in cities. The work aimed to make a physical-chemical assessment of rainwater in the urban space of Catalão (GO) in order to obtain aspects related to acid rain, to monitor the quality of this water. Acid rain is considered to be one that exhibits pH values ​​below 5.6. The decrease of a pH unit means a tenfold increase in the concentration of the hydrogen ion. In order to assess the quality of the urban environment in the municipality of Catalão-GO, the values ​​of pH, nitrate, nitrite, turbidity and hardness of the rainwater collected in eight neighborhoods of the city, from January / 2018 to December / 2019, were measured. 08 Ville de Paris type rain gauges were installed, where the collection was made at eight points of this pluviometric network. Based on the average pH values ​​analyzed and classified as normal according to the ordinance 2914/2011, the rains in the region did not present any immediate risk of acid, since the mean values ​​of turbidity, nitrate, nitrite and hardness were analyzed in eight points of the city ​​in the period from 01/18/2019 to 11/18/2019 presented in two neighborhoods Pontal Norte and Jardim Catalão values ​​above the maximum allowed for turbidity, nitrate and nitrite according to the current legislation on the quality of water for human consumption and its standard of potability ordinance 2914/2011.



Análises físico-químicas, Geografia e climatologia, Chuva ácida, Physical-chemical analysis, Geography and climatology, Acid rain


PRADO, L. F. Avaliação físico-química da qualidade da água pluvial em Catalão (GO). 2020. 128 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Geografia) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2020.