A importancia da modelagem matematica no ensino-aprendizagem

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


This study aims to present the Mathematical Modeling as an alternative proposal for a signi cant, dynamic and e ective learning. In this sense, the favorable aspects and obstacles to teaching and learning with mathematical modeling will be cited in the course of the work. It begins the conversation with a brief overview of the rise of Mathematical Modeling in the global education and Brazil in order to understand their real importance in the current school setting. The concepts necessary for the mathematical de nition of modeling are presented in the development of work with emphasis on the phases of the Mathematical Modeling proposed by Lourdes Almeida Werle in his book Mathematical Modeling in Basic Education . The paper also describes the mathematical modeling as a tool in the teaching of mathematics, highlighting the ve steps to implement the methodology of teaching by modeling suggested by Maria Salett Biembengut and Nelson Heim, in the book Mathematical Modeling in Education . It also highlights the materialization of the Mathematical Modeling as Jonei Cerqueira Barbosa, identifying three possible cases of distribution of the modeling tasks for teachers and students. The paper describes the importance of using the classical mathematical models in the initiation of mathematical modeling activities. The mathematical model proposed by Thales to calculate the height of a pyramid, described by Johannes Hisrschberger in the work history of philosophy in antiquity, and the model of Malthus to keep up with population growth, reported by Rodney Carlos Bassanezi, are mentioned to be aware of evolution of the classic mathematical models. The proposal of the classical mathematical model to calculate areas by division into plane gures is suggested for elementary education, secondary and higher education, realizing the idea that, by adaptations, the same theme can be explored at di erent times of mathematics teaching. Finally, the work presents three activities in the classroom with high school students so that they could live in practice the importance of Mathematical Modeling in teaching and learning.



Modelagem matematica, Ensino-aprendizagem, Mathematical modeling, Teaching and learning


RENZ JUNIOR, H. A importancia da modelagem matematica no ensino-aprendizagem. 2015. 62 f. Dissertação (Mestrado Profissional em Matemática em Rede Nacional) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2015.