Videoaulas como recurso extraclasse no ensino de análise combinatória e probabilidade: um estudo de caso do ensino médio

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly necessary to use diversified materials for extraclass education in order to instill the student's curiosity regarding mathematics in high school. This work presents the actions developed in the research project “video classes as an extraclasse resource in the teaching of combinatory analysis and probability a high school case study” within the scope of the Professional Master in Mathematics in the National Network - PROFMAT from the Federal University of Goiás - Regional Catalão. The project was developed with students from the third year of high school at a public school in the city of João Pinheiro / MG, with a focus on teaching probability content. It should be noted that the context of the COVID-19 pandemic required the creation of remote alternatives for the execution of the project, and this brought elements to rethink teaching practice in addition to complementing the training that came from the master's degree. The research described in this work aimed to investigate the impacts of using video classes as extra-class material for the development of mathematics skills, according to the Common Base National Curriculum, of students in the third year of high school. In this context, 09 video classes were developed and used as extra-class material interspersed with the virtual classes with the participants, addressing counting and probability, considering motivational aspects for high school students. For data collection, 11 questionnaires were applied: one at the beginning (survey of the participants' characteristics), 9 during the development of the classes previously planned and linked to the elaborated video classes, and one at the end (with questions that deal with the content of probability addressed throughout the period and reflections on the methodology used). In addition, in a logbook, the professor-researcher recorded the relevant facts arising from classes developed remotely. The collected data were analyzed, after the intervention carried out with the participants, based on the categorization of the information obtained. This work brings in its results the opinions of the students about the methodology used, the evolution of the learning of the content and its relation with the development of the referred abilities of the Common Base National Curricular. There was an evolution in the learning of all participants, as well as great acceptance and adaptation of the methodology used.



Videoaulas, Análise combinatória, Probabilidade, Video Classes, Mathematics, Probability


VAZ, D. R. Videoaulas como recurso extraclasse no ensino de análise combinatória e probabilidade: um estudo de caso do ensino médio. 2021. 157 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Matemática em Rede Nacional) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2021.