O caminho das águas : análise da modelagem geomorfológica do subsistema de vereda no município de Goiandira (GO)

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


In this study is highlighted the Vereda subsystem, which integrates the various vegetation typical types of the Cerrado that is going to confer it a great specificity landscape. From the bigger knowledge about the Vereda subsystem is possible to characterize it as a Cerrado typical landscape, which has as its symbol, the Buriti palm (Mauritia vinifera Mart.) generally it is built since a drainage system surface regulated by regional climate regime. The Vereda subsystem has a great relationship with higher soil moisture, which can be obtained from the leakage of the water table, poor drainage of an area or proximity to waterways. Its importance is due to be generally in headwater areas, but can occur in other environments, besides being a refuge for fauna and flora. The balance of Vereda subsystem is essential for the maintenance of water resources in Cerrado. Given the importance of the Vereda subsystem, is the purpose of this study, in which we seek to know it better. Thus, our aim was to understand the factors of origin and development of Vereda subsystem, as well as the analysis of its geomorphological modeling in different area of the traditional tabular surface, performing this analysis in the municipality of Goiandira, which is located in Goiás Southeast, in order to be a spatial area that presents particular landscape, helping the development of research, besides being a good representation of Cerrado area and also the Biome socio-economic occupation process, with livestock as the main activity responsible for the land use. By analyzing the current geomorphological modeling and field research found that this is perfectly capable to represent the Vereda subsystem which is presented all over the Cerrado. However, it was required some changes in nomenclature and also a better characterization of each of the eight existing geomorphological models. In Goiandira city was found 100 Vereda subsystems that occur in less dissected areas and usually in places that provide a water table interception or moisture soil. It was found in the Goiandira municipality, six of eight geomorphological models of existing Vereda. It was also found that the main sources in the area surveyed are in Vereda environment and that they are going through an intense environmental degradation process and its preservation is necessary to maintain the water resources of the municipality and the region.



Bioma Cerrado, Subsistema de Vereda, Modelagem geomorfológica, Recursos hídricos, Município de Goiandira (GO), Cerrado, Vereda Subsystem, Geomorphological modeling, Water resources Goiandira city (GO), 1.Bioma cerrado 2.Subsistema de vereda 3.Modelagem geomorfologica 4.Recursos hídricos município Goiandira (GO)


SANTOS, Eduardo Vieira dos. The path of waters: modeling analysis of the geomorphological subsystem path in the city of Goiandira (GO). 2010. 147 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Ciências Humanas) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2010.