A modernização do território e as estratégias de reprodução social camponesa na comunidade Ribeirão em Catalão (GO)

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The objective of our analytical effort in this research focuses on understanding the strategies of social reproduction built by peasants in their living space, existence, in short, their way of being and living in the countryside. That is the question that guides the present research, which geographical cut-out is the Ribeirão Community, in the Municipality of Catalão (GO), both are (re)built daily in a network of internal and external relations to the unit of production and, above all, the symbiotic combination they establish between land, work and family. The strategies developed by the peasants and their families presuppose the control of a fraction of the territory, therefore, making the space that is occupied by the peasants a peasant fraction of the territory. The existence of peasants who experiment, in a practical way, actions to promote their permanence on the land highlights the different forms of land use. In other words, the process of peasant reproduction does not presuppose geographical contiguity, but an arrangement made of mosaic, in which both forms of production in the countryside are combined. Since they are carriers of different logics, the way they both organize space is also disheartening, which does not require much effort to find out when they are to be identified. And peasant territorial ordering is assured first and foremost by autonomy with the material and social conditions of reproduction. The research was developed methodologically following the steps, built concomitantly: a) theoretical research; b) documentary research; c) field research, in order to better understand the given objectives. The importance of research, within the scope of Geography, is that it aims to satisfy the need for understanding the strategies of peasant reproduction, from the process of modernization of agriculture that occurs in Goiás territory in the recent decades. The different elements that set up reality are constantly being built and reconstructed in different times and geographical spaces, making new territories and territorialities, contributing to the permanence of already constituted territories, enabling the reterritorialization of subjects. This, for Geography and for geographers, constitutes an important challenge on understanding the complex and contradictory reality in which spaces, territories, regions, places, landscapes and the subjects that act in them are constantly modified.



Estratégias de reprodução social, Território, (Re)existência, Peasant, Social reproduction strategies, Territory, (Re)existence


NASCIMENTO ROSA, M. A modernização do território e as estratégias de reprodução social camponesa na comunidade Ribeirão em Catalão (GO). 2021. 140 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Geografia) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2016.