Otimização do tratamento de água cinza associando soluções aquosas de moringa oleifera e sulfato de alumínio

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


Given the growing demand for water in the world, approaches and/or actions are needed in order to reduce the consume and increase the demand, the water reuse is a viable alternative to increase the non-potable water demand in residences. The objective of this job is optimize the greywater treatment, from the washing machine, through the association of aluminium sulphate and Moringa oleifera seeds solutions. For this it was performed an experiment with the greywater from washing machine of a residence, dividing in 4 studies. It was realized the Study 1 of characterization of the flakes formed for each studied solution, which are Moringa oleifera extracted in aqueous calcium nitrate, aqueous calcium nitrate and aluminium sulphate. The Study 2 consisted in the jar-test experiment for each coagulant separately. Study 3 was later performed, which jar-test experiments for the association between aluminum sulphate and Moringa oleifera, with the combinations made through Central Composite Rotational Design as experimental planning. The data of this test was evaluated by the Response Surface Methodology. Lastly, in the Study 4 was made the desirability analysis, aiming to determine the optimal dosage for each coagulant. The parameters evaluated in the experiment was the pH, turbidity, sludge volume generated and total dissolved solids. The results of this study indicate that with the treatment that use the lower dosages of coagulant, being 20 ml L -1 of Moringa oleifera extracted in calcium nitrate and 1 ml L -1 of aluminium sulphate, is viable the greywater reuse, after the treatment, in toilet flush. It's still possible the water reuse in activities like car wash and other uses that require direct contact with the water, as long as added the steps of filtration, to reduce the total dissolved solids, and chlorination. For this coagulants dosages, the turbidity removal was 96,22%, the pH varied of 7,2 to 6,8, the total dissolved solids content was elevated of 360 mg L -1 to 589 mg L -1 , the chlorine content was reduced of 0,54 mg L -1 to 0,10 mg L -1 and the sludge volume generated was 48,7 cm3. The association of aluminum sulphate with Moringa oleifera extracted in aqueous calcium nitrate it is viable for coagulation treatment of greywater from washing machine, in order to reduce the dosages of each coagulant and attend standards criteria.



Moringa oleifera, Água cinza, Coagulante natural, Otimização, Superfícies de resposta, Greywater, Natural coagulant, Optimization, Response surfaces, Moringa oleifera


RODRIGUES, Karen Campos. Otimização do tratamento de água cinza associando soluções aquosas de moringa oleifera e sulfato de alumínio. 2019. 97 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Modelagem e Otimização) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Catalão, 2019.